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Tuesday 16 May 2017

Lunch ideas for toddlers

If there’s one area of food I would fail at pre-baby, it’d be lunches. I think this stems from a couple of things: not being bothered about lunches much myself, and also being pretty happy to settle with something unadventurous like a sandwich or a soup. Now that I’m a mother and I am required to produce nutritionally-balanced meals three times a day, I have taken it upon myself to get a bit more adventurous.

We baby-led-weaned with BabyVP and loved it.  I felt like I was giving BabyVP the tools to discover, through play, the joys of taste, texture and satiety without anything being imposed upon her. Feeding times became a big adventure. It all happened in a natural, organic way which meant there was no stress around meal times.  It was also easier not having to make two meals/purees, and I could control the whole process and ingredients etc.  In short, it worked really well for us. If you’re considering it yourself, read up, watch a LOT of YouTube videos explaining the pros and cons. None of my mummy-friends decided to BLW because they were either short on time, planning to use nurseries/creches or wanted to do what their parents had done, so I was a bit alone when it came to research but I found this video, this video and this website/forum amazing. Most of all, go with your guts, but also do some research however you plan to do it.

We’ve made quite a list of foods that are quick and easy yet also wholesome and healthy, but they have to be quick, as I often had to try to keep Baby VP interested in something to allow me to get it ready. I try to limit bread to one serving or less per day, which has also meant I have had to come up with some new ideas out of necessity. We’re also mostly-veggie/pescetarian (we only eat meat a couple of times a week), so we have had to factor in nutritionally-dense alternatives to meat when necessary.

  • Homemade smoked mackerel pate (whizz up mackerel and cream cheese with a bit of lemon juice in a blender – great source of omega 3s) on crackers/oatcakes/melba toast
  • Olives, tomatoes, cucumber sticks, peppers sticks, hard boiled egg etc with humous
  • Couscous ‘salad’ with tomatoes, cucumber, peas, raisins, apple, cheese cubes etc. A bit like tabbouleh but more toddlerified.
  • Bean and quinoa salad.
  • Baked beans on toast
  • Mini crustless quiches (made in a muffin tin – speedy and very healthy!). Alternatively in a cup in the microwave. Also free on Slimming World.
  • Pâte on crackers/oatcakes/melba toast
  • Cheese scones with soup
  • Big medley of roasted veg (either root or Mediterranean) with quinoa/couscous/pasta
  • Omelette with a variety of toppings (our usual is mature cheddar and mushroom)
  • Poached/scrambled/fried egg on toast
  • Savoury pancakes. I don’t have a recipe, I just eyeball it. If you need a recipe, there should be one out there if you have a look around. Make a thick pancake batter with eggs, self-raising flour and milk. Add grated cheese, defrosted peas, onions, grated carrots and sweetcorn. Fry off over a medium heat until cooked through. These freeze really well and can be microwaved to reheat. Excellent for speedy lunches.
  • Blended bean spread. Fry off some onions until soft and golden in a little butter. Add some cooked and drained/rinsed kidney beans and some seasonings of your choice to a food processor. Add the onions and blitz until smooth-ish.
  • Cheesy pasta.

Soups (all homemade and very quick, often made the night before):

  • Leek, spinach and potato
  • Lentil
  • Butternut squash
  • Carrot and coriander
  • Tomato

Sandwich options:

  • smoked salmon and cream cheese
  • cheese and tomato
  • cheese and chutney
  • egg mayo
  • banana (and if over one, with a smidgen of honey)
  • Yeast spread/Marmite (we use the reduced salt type from Sainsbury’s and very little of it. To help with portion control, mix the marmite with butter until the butter is uniform brown colour and then spread that).
  • Pate
  • Peanut butter and jam

One thought on “Lunch ideas for toddlers

  1. Marie says:

    It all sounds delicious – when’s lunch? Toddler VP is a very lucky little girl. Marie x

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