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Monday 15 May 2017

Music for Toddlers (great for dancing and car journeys – that parents will like too!)

I think one of those universal truisms is that children love music. From the earliest weeks, whenever music came on Baby VP would perk up and take notice, often waving hands and legs and then as she got older, dancing to the beat. I think it helps that we have sung to her all the time – and still do. We found quite early on that putting on some of her preferred music would instantly make her smile and so we got quite good at finding music; but gosh there is a lot of really rubbish children’s music out there! So I set to work rooting out the good stuff because there is only so many times I can bear the happy-hardcore version of If You’re Happy And You Know It (sorry Justin Fletcher – no one needs to hear that!)… It’s worth also noting that playing any sort of music (with the exception of death metal or sweary rap?) is great for children.

  • The Rainbow Collection by The Rainbow Collection/Sophie Barker.

This is the first album we bought for BabyVP when she was about 5 months old. It’s sung by Sophie Barker, one of the singers along with Sia and Zoe Johnston from Zero7 (which is probably why I like it so much). The songs are old favourites, so parents can sing along too, but unlike many which are either saccharine or very cheaply orchestrated, these are done well and are not unbearable after, say, the 700th play. Favourite songs? Dream A Little Dream, Teddybear’s Picnic and Lavender’s Blue.

  • Julia Donaldson’s Treasury of Songs.

Any parent from 2003 onwards will be extremely familiar with Ms Donaldson’s work, mostly from The Gruffalo or any other countless children’s books she has produced – as Julia has to be one of the most prolific children’s authors around. It helps that she’s really good at what she does – I mean, who doesn’t love the Gruffalo? Or Superworm (my fave)? Or The Snail and The Whale? I can recite them perfectly (!) we’ve read them so much (“Superworm is super strong/Superworm is super long…). And so when I saw a copy of her Treasury of Songs with a CD of her singing said songs in the sale, you know that we had to get it. And since then, I have had each of her songs etched into my memory! As Donaldson started off as a songwriter for CBBC, it seems fitting that most of her stories either started off as songs or became them for this book/CD. The book is illustrated by Axel Scheffler (who else?) along with the lyrics for each song. It’s lovely, it really is. I laughed as the Amazon reviews say that they love the songs except for Julia Donaldson’s singing; but I think it’s a bit like a favourite granny singing your child a song. The child doesn’t care that it’s not being done by a professional singer – and neither do I. Despite starting to twitch if it’s on its 20th rotation of the day, I still like it. Favourite songs: The Snail and The Whale, Fox and The Crow and A Squash and A Squeeze. Props to Malcom, Julia’s husband, for singing on most of the tracks and occasionally dressing as a fox…

  • Pretty much anything by Laurie Berkner.

We tend to shy away from the American singers as I am aware that linguistically there are enough differences to make me want to stay mostly-British where possible. Having said that, Laurie Berkner is a really good songstress (regardless of some of her songs sounding like other peoples’) who makes songs for children to dance along to. She has a great YouTube channel (so by the magic of Bluetooth you can attach your device to speakers and play that) and her songs are on the whole pretty original (lyrically), upbeat and fun. There are certain songs that Baby VP now requests, particularly These Are My Glasses, We Are the Dinosaurs and Bubbles. Definitely one to get moving to!

  • Renee & Jeremy

When you want something a bit folky, these two are the two to go for. Upbeat, mostly original works with minimal orchestration and a lovely message. We really like them and particularly the songs Night Mantra, It’s A Big World and Share.

  • Putumayo Lullaby by Various Artists

I got this CD years and years before BabyVP arrived because I loved the songs. If you’re a fan of the World music genre or want your child to be, these Putumayo compilations are the place to start. Great songs.

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