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Wednesday 3 May 2017

Sunflower garden

One of my most recent lino pieces was this garden scene. It shows some development in the way I’m approaching things now – paying more attention to light and dark. I also decided to try watercolouring one of the prints to see what it’d be like. It’s interesting. I’m not sure I’ll go down that road for each print, as I’d quite like to start overprinting using multiple plates per print to build up the image. But I was surprised how much the watercolouring changed the feel of the print. There’s a lot of power in black and white too, and I still prefer that starkness I think.

One thought on “Sunflower garden

  1. annie says:

    Dear Tasha,

    I agree. The B/W is preferable. The watercolor is lovely but there is something about the strong contrast on a light background that is very appealing

    In the midst of a huge change in my life. I am also slipping back into blogging and paying attention to old friends. Don and I are leaving California in 18 days. We sold our home and are moving to SE Missouri to be closer to our children and grandchildren. Exciting times ahead.

    I also have a new blog to reflect this new circumstance. It’s called “A California Girl Meets the Bootheel”.

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