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Thursday 24 November 2016

Music: James Reynolds

If you’ve watched a BBC nature documentary recently (with perhaps the exception of the Attenborough documentaries), you’ll probably have heard some of James Reynolds’ work in the background.  It is how I first found him, after asking Mr VP to use an app to work out what the song was that was playing as some mayflies danced just above the surface of a river.  He is a young but gifted piano composer whose pieces are often used by the BBC (and probably others). You’ll enjoy it if you have a penchant for minor keys, twinkly piano pieces or film scores (or all three, like me!).

My favourite pieces are Butterfly (the one used with the mayflies); Silent Sleep; and Life In Slow Motion.

One thought on “Music: James Reynolds

  1. Marie says:

    Hi Tash, I wasn’t able to listen to all of those pieces, but I did like Silent Sleep. I haven’t come across his work before, so thank you for sharing. I am curious abou the app Mr VP used to identify the piece, as I keep hearing a classical piece that I can’t identify…. Marie x

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