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An avid tea-drinker who likes nutmeg in her coffee and warm lavender-scented quilts. She knits, crochets and partakes in random acts of craftiness (and kindness). She likes obscure works of literature, philosophy and the idea that her mind exists separately from her body. She enjoys moving furniture around, literary criticism and baking bread. She writes haiku about nettles, would like to swim with seals and become completely self-sufficient. She writes as if her life depends on it, listens to beautiful music, and loves her darling husband Mr. VP.

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Thursday 18 June 2015

Lilacs, Roses and Rhododendrons

One thought on “Lilacs, Roses and Rhododendrons

  1. Marie says:

    How lovely Tash. Spring was very late here and there are no roses in bloom yet. The lilac has been flowering for the past couple of weeks and there is one place where I try to walk on a regular basis which is filled with lilacs. Enjoy those beautiful blooms and have a great summer!

    Marie x

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