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Saturday 4 October 2014

Patience, Persistence and Panic

Renovating a house is a test of all sorts of things, but mostly the three Ps.  Persistence and/ or perseverance (because without it, there won’t be a house to move into), patience (with builders who don’t turn up when they say they will – it’s like herding cats!), panic (lest you end up with a migraine from the stress – like I did the other day), a sunny disposition (to deal with it all) and most of all, your wits (to avoid being conned into something ridiculously expensive/unnecessary etc).  September was a whirlwind of quotes, phonecalls, panic, stress and plaster dust and it looks like October will only be dustier and more expensive than September.

Whilst I have got a lot sorted on paper, with appointments from tradesmen looming, as yet only the roof tiles and flashing has been completed.  This is good as we got it done in time for the rains that pelted the house last night.  However, this reminds me that there is still a lot to do and time is marching on.  The stress has been quite a problem for me, as there was much more to do with the kitchen than we had anticipated, which meant that the budget is being squeezed from every corner.  The kitchen as it exists currently is not functional as a kitchen, so we can’t move in until it has been sorted out – particularly as it is an epic job, which involves removing ceilings and (load-bearing) walls.

Today started off well: Mr VP and I donned our ugliest clothing and decided that we would try to save ourselves some money by doing all of our decorating.  This is a HUGE job, simply because every single bit of the house needs doing, and some walls need levelling and ideally skimming, which one decorator quoted so much money for, that I thought he was skimming the walls in 24 karat gold.  Unfortunately, whilst trying to take some control of the walls upstairs (filling, priming and painting), I had nothing short of a complete panic attack when I found what could be a problem that will possibly require expensive remedial works.  I cried, because it has all become a bit much and I am feeling a wee bit fragile at the best of times recently, and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak.

At the end of the day, I know it’s only a house and such, and at this point we’re not even going for a Country Living Magazine-cover kind of finish, we just want it done well, so that we can move back in and begin enjoying the house again.  Right now, I can’t see the wood for the trees or the light at the end of the tunnel, but I know it will come.  Heaven knows it will take a heck of a lot of patience, perseverence and a hefty dose of (unintentional) panic too.

One thought on “Patience, Persistence and Panic

  1. Marie says:

    Oh Tash, I feel for you! I am sure that it will be wonderful once it is completed, but what an awful lot os stress to cope with in the meantime. I do hope that the rest of the job goes smoothly. Keep in mind that you will soon have your beautiful home back.

    Marie x

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