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Tuesday 15 July 2014

The Errant Blogger and a Foray into the Kitchen

I’m sorry to say that I have been a bit of bad blogger and have neglected this wee blog of mine for a bit too long.  I have found that now, since I tend to work harder on sorting-out, colour-balancing and correcting photos in Photoshop, it takes me a lot longer to get things up on here.  The photos do look better for it though, so c’est la vie.  I’m also blaming my blogging malaise on the heat, busy weeks that seem to speed by before I’ve even blinked, and lots of exciting things going on behind the scenes.  One exciting thing is that I have been going to see an acupuncturist weekly for the last couple of months, which I will discuss in another post soon – because it is working wonders.  I also have exciting house stuff to sort out, which we’re just at the beginnings of, but which will mean that my autumn is full of stress and busy-ness in preparation for the destruction that inevitably begets better things.  Yes, apologies, but there really is a lot going on!

In the kitchen there has been quite a lot going on, too.  I pulled my socks up the other day and made the most delicious meatballs, with lots of home-grown oregano and a homemade (not tinned!) tomato sauce, which was essentially Mr VP’s favourite meal ever (he proclaimed, at length – do you think he liked it?!).  I have a feeling that spaghetti and meatballs will become a recurring theme.  I do struggle to make things when it is this warm outside, though.  I am so good at cold-weather cooking that this heat not only takes away my desire to cook, but confuses me as I have to think about salads and things that do not make you feel all warm and glowy inside.   It seems that, when I should really be focusing on cold foods, my heart is desirous of things like Cornish pasties and freshly-made bread, which is nothing short of contrary, but c’est la vie.  Thus, our kitchen has been regularly hotter than the inside of Mount Vesuvius, which isn’t a good thing in the middle of summer.

So what have I been making?!  Well, yummy things like: steak, mustard and sweet-potato pasties; pot-roasted lamb shoulder with summer vegetables (including the most delicious Jersey Royal potatoes cooked in with the lamb!); oodles of bread, using Delia’s faultless and no-knead recipe; moussaka with red Camargue rice to use up the leftover lamb (absolutely stunning); a chicken and orzo salad with French beans and peas and, one of our favourite desserts: homemade yoghurt and homemade strawberry jam!  Absolutely delicious.

2 thoughts on “The Errant Blogger and a Foray into the Kitchen

  1. Marie says:

    Hi Tash,

    How I miss Jersey Royal potatoes! We have yet to see a new potato here, as they don’t seem to appear before August. The meals all look delicious. I’m intrigued by Delia’s bread recipe – I think that I own just about all of her books, but I don’t remember this recipe.

    Like you, I find the heat challenging when it comes to cooking. I haven’t turned the oven on in a couple of weeks, as I can’t face the heat that it generates in the house, which is so very slow to dissipate.

    Happy Cooking!

    Marie x

  2. Wow, you’ve been cooking a lot, Tash! Look at all this food! It looks wonderful! Are you going to be posting recipes for all of those dishes?

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