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Sunday 3 July 2011

..and loves rekindled

On our visit to Northumberland last weekend, we took a circuitous route to the beach as the beach road was blocked due to an ongoing triathlon.

I am so glad the road was blocked because it made us walk around a place we would otherwise have missed.  As is often the case, opportune occurrences are the work of serendipity.  We turned a corner and were met with an enormous field-bank, covered in all of the wonderous creations of midsummer: spotted orchids, cinquefoils, silverleaf, trefoils, clover, wildflowers which I had forgotten, or had simply not been around to remember.  This is the wild Northumberland that I remember with such fondness.

Just look at the plethora of flora – blossoming, spreading, seeding, blooming – in harmony. How many people would walk past this and not notice?

I saw things that made me long for the place again – I remembered seeing my first common spotted orchid and squealing with delight at something so wonderful growing practically in our own back garden.

We saw hundreds – more than was possible to count, for they were in every direction you cast your eyes – of Burnet moths whose bright crimson and black wings made them look to all intents and purposes like foreign intruders.  They were so plentiful that it made photographing them easy.

Everywhere I looked, without fail, I saw life and beauty and abundance, whose bounds were unbridled and untamed.

Needless to say, it was magical.

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