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Tuesday 21 June 2005

Heaven Scent

If you want your house to smell as pretty as it looks, then here are some tips to keep it smelling fab!

1. Try burning incense: It’s not expensive, and if you get the proper Indian incense, it’ll smell absolutely heavenly. There is a link to IncenseMan in the link-giude at the side, who i have bought incense from many times before, and is a thoroughly nice chap.

2. Scented candles: I prefer jar candles either from Yankee Candles or McCalls. Both have a magnificent range of candles, they cost more than most, but they last a long time too.

3. Make your own Pot Pourri: This isn’t as difficult as it might sound. It’s even easier if you have your own garden! The basis of a good pot pourri are rose petals from a heavily scented rose, lavender heads, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, dried orange and lemon slices etc. There are numerous places on the ‘net with recipes and methods, or you can be adventurous and formulate your own!

4. Oil Burners: These are good in a bedroom, as they give off a slow medium amount of scent. I don’t use any synthetic oils, i always make sure that they are essential oils. This means it’s not only natural, but it also has medicinal benefits. From the calming, relaxing smells of Lavender, to the sensual Ylang Ylang. You can also blend oils to create your own scents. Give it a go!

5. Linen sprays: I recommend making your own, it takes no time at all to do and is so worth doing. To make a Lavender spray, add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil into a spray/mister bottle, add some lukewarm water and shake thoroughly before use. Spray a small amount onto the ironing board before you iron, and the clothes will absorb the scent. Be careful not to spray it directly onto clothing, as you could end up with an oil spot!

Finally, remember that masking odours isn’t the best way to make your house smell gorgeous. Air duvets and pillows regularly, hoover often, and wash bedding once a week – be it yours or the dogs’!

4 thoughts on “Heaven Scent

  1. I just found your blog when I visited Snapdragon’s blog with Jane Lindsey. I love this article and am going to reference it on my Tulips Talk Flower Blog at http://www.tulipstalk.com.

    Thanks for the great article and information.


    Heidi Richards Mooney, Chief Goddess – Eden Florist
    Editor – Tulips Talk

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